Copywriting that captivates

Combining research, strategy & storytelling
to move the heart & sway the mind

- Harry Potter has Hermoine Granger
- Scooby-Doo has Velma Dinkley
- You have me

Every ass-kicker has a nerd behind them, keeping them alive. And when you have a product that changes lives, get a nerd that has your back.

You want people to buy your solution to their predicament.

And it all comes back to your sales copy.




Copy that converts is a mixture of several elements:

  1. in-depth research on the target market 
  2. finding the big idea that'll propel the product to the spotlight
  3. personality-infused copy
  4. essences of storytelling
  5. subtle uses of persuasive psychology, and
  6. knowing which words to use when

I've developed a system that allows me to check each one of those elements off in your copy.
This means your product lives to see another day—and another...and another...and another.


I've helped 6-figure entrepreneurs make thousands of dollars
with copy tailored to their market


Ready to join them?
Take a peek at what I offer that puts you one step closer to:

  • pulling in a higher income
  • breaking glass ceilings
  • focusing on what you really love to do
  • making a difference in the world
  • or cuddling up with your cat and a book you can read the whole way through
    (I'm with ya on this!)

“I cannot recommend Autumn highly enough. We have worked together in a few different capacities, so I have been able to really see how she combines professionalism with compassion and reality. She is dependable, efficient and organized, and always willing to make intuitive suggestions, which has always improved the project she has worked on for me, as well as my satisfaction with it....”

—Ashlee Greer