Harry needs Hermione like every business needs a copywriter.

Yup, I went there. But, it's true.

(Spoiler alert if you've been living under a rock.)
Harry likely wouldn't have defeated Voldemort without Hermione's knowledge.

And unless you're a pro copywriter, your business likely won't break its glass ceiling and reach the next plateau without a copywriter who knows what they're doing.

Copywriting is more than just flinging words onto the screen. There's psychology behind it.
The art of storytelling, too.
But before there are even words to place, there's research

Businesses killin' it are doing only one thing that differentiates them from all others. They know and are speaking exactly to the people that need their products the most. This is ONLY accomplished through in-depth research on the business's target market and the surprising idea that makes the product unique from the competition.


You could have the best product and marketing design in the business, but if your copy isn't tapping into the heart and then swaying with logic your precise target audience, stellar results will be lackluster instead.

That's where I come in.

I'm Autumn Darbrow

  • Nerd of Words,
  • Copywriter,
  • Author,
  • Natural Storyteller,
  • Avid Researcher,
  • Psychology Enthusiast,
  • Book Worm,
  • and Mother of Dragons (i.e., a toddler and 2 adopted cats)

I'm a proud nerd of with many varied interests, but words are what I excel at.


But they're just a means to an end. The real challenge, and what I love most, is researching the "big idea," gathering client experiences, and piecing together seemingly unrelated thoughts. Through this process, I'm able to position my client's product completely unique from competition AND present the product in a way that it immediately resonates with its target audience.

This means:

  • Sales
  • Happy customers
  • Great reviews
  • Repeat buyers
  • Brand loyalty

Curious to see what I can help you with?
Take a gander at the services I offer.

Bio Snippets

229507_10150177573777672_6736730_n (1).jpg

Wrote, illustrated and "published" my first book in elementary school

Received a BA from York College of PA: majoring in professional writing and minoring in creative writing

Graduated from California College of the Arts with an MFA in short fiction writing

Was Managing Editor, among other roles, of the Eleven Eleven Literary Magazine


Thesis was a collection of short stories themed around psychological horror

Co-hosted a literary reading series, Writing Without Walls, that published local writers and artists

Mom to a toddler with a flair for the dramatics who is the spark for a side project– a collection of children's books

Avid reader and learner with a personal collection of 700+ books


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