+ Why can't I just write it myself? Why hire a copywriter?

You can write it yourself if you want. You certainly don't have to hire a copywriter to do it for you. But, there are some things to consider before putting brush to canvas in a DIY attempt to create a masterpiece.

  1. Do you have the time to work on marketing copy? Writing quality engaging and converting copy takes a good amount of time— hours, days, and sometimes weeks, depending on your project.
  2. Are you familiar with the psychology of sales? Do you know best practices to grab attention right from the headline? What about the lede, or first paragraph, that draws the reader in and instills the desire to read more? Do you have the time to read the books, take the courses, read the ever-changing industry news briefs, emails and articles?
  3. Is writing direct response or content marketing copy what you really enjoy doing? Is it what you're fantastic at? If not, it's a better use of your time and resources to focus on what you do best and what your business was built for.

+ What makes you different from other copywriters?

I'm great at a trifecta of skills that set me apart from others.

  1. I'm not a completely small details writer. I have to have a general sense of the big picture, of where the writing I'll be doing for you is going to fit into the larger sales puzzle. Knowing this allows me to better tailor the copy for the reader, so that it speaks to them in the moment, wherever they're reading the copy.
  2. I'm an intuitive writer. So, I'm able to pick up and adapt your brand voice rather quickly, which saves both of us time and you money. I'm able to write more aligned copy quicker than a non-intuitive writer would. This also allows your business to retain its momentum and energy, instead of feeling off to readers. They won't even know you didn't write it.
  3. I have the skills and knowledge of sales writing, as well as creative writing. This allows me to move fluidly between sales copy and content marketing, without the copy feeling stiff or too salesy (which often turns readers away from buying).

+ How long have you been writing?

Technically, I've been writing from the moment I've learned how to put words to paper. I "published" my first few books at the age of 8. My writing has won me contests, scholarships, and job opportunities. I've been published in numerous magazines and journals throughout the last two decades, as well.

I received a BA from York College of Pennsylvania in Professional Writing and Creative Writing, and an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on short fiction. I've worked for several institutions and marketing agencies providing writing, editing, and document formatting, the most recent being a nationally known health insurance company.

In essence, I've been writing for most of my life, and professionally writing for half of my life.

+ How can you write on an industry or topic you're not familiar with?

Put simply, research.

You can't learn to paint in Van Gogh's style without first learning what that style is, right? Same goes with writing about the benefits of salt therapy, how a well-designed website boosts sales, or why you should kick toxic "friends" to the side and work with a true life coach. I'm not an expert in any one thing but how to write in a way that connects with your audience, shows them how you will better their lives, and asks them to trust you with their time and money.

That said, I will only write for companies that are making a positive difference in lives and the world. So, heart-centered, impact-driven businesses that truly care about their customers and clients are right up my alley. I have experience writing within the theme of personal self-care, however that looks.

Everything else can be learned, and I am a sponge willing and ready to soak up what I need to know on your behalf.

+ Do you offer anything else not listed?

Its's likely that I don't. I try to stick with what I know best and am most comfortable with, but I am always learning more about my craft every day. So, I may be dabbling in something you need assistance with. It's best to contact me with what you're looking for and we'll chat about how I can help. If I can't, I'll refer you to someone who can. You can also join my mailing list, where I update my folks about what's new and what I'm working on. You'll be the first to know about beta offers and trial projects at discounted prices.

You can contact me about a project not mentioned in services that I offer here and join the mailing list here.

+ How long will a project take?

This depends on your project. A social media post will take significantly less time than a website page. I do my best to finish projects as quickly as possible, but this also depends on you. The longer it takes you to return info I need to work or take a look at drafts, the longer it'll be in receiving your final project copy. We can discuss this with more details about your project and your projected timeline.

+ What's it like working with you?

Very easy. I've heard talking with me is like talking with an old friend you haven't seen in awhile. This makes working together less stressful and stiff. If you're my client, I'm interested in what you're doing and how I can help you. I'll always offer suggestions for improvement, even on things we're not working on together. When you succeed, I succeed. I don't just sit around throwing words on paper to collect your money, and you'll feel this as we collaborate together.

+ What, exactly, can you do for me?

I can help you sell your products or services in an easy, comfortable, yet effective way. I offer you quality copy writing that allows your readers to get to know who you are and why you do what you do, so that they like you and what you offer enough to trust that you'll change their life.

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