VA Opt-In Worksheet

Amanda runs a home-based business that teaches women how to break into the virtual assistance market and helps them set up a home-based business from scratch to getting their first clients. She wanted a PDF that people could download and fill in. She wanted them to be able to write on it if printed out, as well as fill out it digitally. The formatting and design was left up to me. The below example is her finished, fill-able PDF.

Course Sales Page 

Samantha Heals brought in over 6 figures by utilizing my services via a retainer. As an industry leader in DNA activation and creator of the Sacred DNA Restructure Method®, Samantha wanted a website that matched the shifts in her business. Now, she has one she proudly shows off. Samantha also really cares about her audience. She wants them to learn as much as possible, so that they can live the life of their dreams. Her emails are designed to inform, if not occasionally sell.

2016 Transcend Workbook

Alycia hosts an amazing two day event for women in leadership. In 2016, she needed a workbook attendees could take notes in, included important event information, and had room for ad space. Beyond that, the format was left up to me as long as it was simple to use. Linked is a 41-page conference workbook created from scratch. In 2017, she needed a professional PowerPoint presentation created.

Mastermind Sales Page

The SiStarmind Mastermind was going to be one amazing mastermind, designed to help spiritual entrepreneurs find that safe space necessary to experiment and grow their business and intuition, as well as learn how to combine both for stellar business results. The mastermind was pulled before launch for personal reasons, but it's waiting for its day to shine.


In their words...

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